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lunes, 16 de enero de 2012

The Icelands Malvinas (The Falklands Icelands)

name given by the English
Not everyone knows the rightful claim of the Argentine people as a whole on these islands in the world to a few kilometers of the country and in the same continental shelf.Cold lands of coarse grasses, which since 1833 Britain is as a last vestige of colonialism in America (population implanted, brought settlers to take over the territory, and that have interests in natural resources.Why the UK has always refused to negotiate or talk about it, before and after the war of 1982.For Argentines when we hear "Malvinas" (Falklands), feels unique. Because that killed 600 of our men.How the people would not want to be British, if they themselves were brought in the invasion of 1833, for that to happen?, Miles from their native lands.There is no way to explain it, it's like take over part of your home without your permission and you start to use things, more and more.It is not the only or the first time that Britain has mastery territories illegal.There is no hatred with their people, are just like us, they also feel they are right, I think they know how unjustified their colonialism.But the UN, OAS, UNASUR, MERCOSUR CELAC and even gave her reason to Argentina to discuss the issue, Britain refuses. Knows that no legal claim to that territory. Do only certain countries must obey the dictate that these organisms?.How can a country that integrates pirate behavior as a permanent member, the Security Council United Nations?, If do not want to obey your orders?.Nobody messes with Britain (United Kingdom), not because they are right, but by its power. It is therefore important to consider others as they do, our order. But we generate impotence.Malvinas (Falklands) revives our patriotic fervor and the letters remind us of our national anthem: "Oh swear to die gloriously" ...When you see a map and find these islands, near Tierra del Fuego in southern Argentina, you know they really are Argentinas.For us in the Falklands, to them The Falklands.

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